2020 Vision: Glide Agency Announce A New Future-Centric Direction

Exciting news: we’ve rebranded! Last month, we debuted our new brand, Glide: The Digital ROI Agency at a fantastic launch event attended by clients and marketing aficionados from across the spectrum of Perth organisations, from business to government and more.

So, why the change? Here at Glide, we wanted to highlight our raison d’etre: our focus on making sure that everything we do leads to measurable ROI (Return On Investment) for our clients. Now more than ever, digital matters: social distancing has changed the way consumers and clients interact with brands. Your online presence is the face of your business, and we want to make sure your digital marketing is done right.

We don’t do marketing for the sake of marketing – we do it to help our clients achieve their goals, and in these difficult times, this mission is more important than ever. And in a day and age where technology continues to transform the marketing landscape, measuring what works is possible like never before for marketers who are committed to achieving great results, and return on investment.

Setting the stage

Return on investment has been a headache for business owners for much of human history, with many marketing efforts falling flat and no way to identify which activities were actually getting results, with who, or why. As famed US merchant and marketing pioneer of the nineteenth century put it:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wakamaker

Even now, Forbes argues that Wanaker is wrong – the vast majority of marketing spend is wasted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tools and know-how, today’s marketers can understand and hyper-target audiences like never before. And unlike marketers of previous generations, we can use data to see what actually works and pivot to achieve exceptional, measurable results.

The new brand

Our new updated branding reflects our data-driven focus, and our place in the forefront of technology for insights and results. It reflects what makes us different, what matters to us and where we’re going.

We have often had clients tell us about their struggles with wasting hard-earned money on marketing for marketing’s sake, with not understanding where their money has been spent and whether it’s getting results. Not at Glide: we’re all about return on investment, and if it doesn’t lead to measurable benefit, we won’t do it.

We believe that good digital marketing balances creativity and a people-focused approach with accountability, transparency and data, and that’s what we provide clients at Glide: the Digital ROI agency.

Launching with 2020 Vision ?

The launch of our new brand was part of Glide’s first event for the year, themed on “2020 Vision”. We shared key insights about global growth trends in the digital sphere, the face of modern advertising, and a snapshot of how advertisers are reaching Australian consumers online. Attendees learned about consumer behaviour trends, the rapid growth of e-commerce, and the latest changes and trends in marketing such as artificial intelligence and content personalisation. Some key takeaways included the importance of building emotional connections with brands, how to adopt an ROI-based marketing model, and the use of technology to enhance marketing campaigns.

When you’re not in marketing, keeping your finger on the pulse can be difficult. Everything changes so fast; even at the best of times, keeping up with everything you need to know to market your business effectively can take up a lot of valuable time and effort that you could be spending actually working on your core business instead. Now that businesses worldwide are experiencing unprecedented and unexpected changes to the way things are done, we recognise and are humbled by the important role that we are playing in helping our clients overcome obstacles and achieve great things. #OpenWeStand!

With that in mind, Glide is planning to host ongoing events throughout 2020 and beyond: online for now, and hopefully face-to-face before too long! Keep an eye out on our blog for announcements, and for great insights on how to better reach and appeal to your customers. And if you’re interested in knowing more about how we can help you carry on kicking goals, let’s talk!

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