Glide Agency heads to Sydney for IMAA’s Digital Deep Dive event

Following the appointment of CEO Es Chandra to the IMAA Leadership Team, WA’s Glide Agency headed over to Sydney for the IMAA Digital Deep Dive event.

Hosted at the SEA LIFE Aquarium, the event was – almost literally – a deep dive into all things media and marketing, with 238 indie agencies and media partners in attendance (including Gumtree, Linkedin, Meta, News Corp, Nine, Outbrain, Pinterest, SevenPlus and Spotify) against a backdrop teaming with marine life. 

With Glide Agency members Es Chandra, Mat McGuinness and Pippa Smith representing one of the few WA agencies in attendance, it was a great opportunity to meet with key players and keep up to date with the future of the Australian media industry.

“Having the chance to travel interstate and learn more about an industry that runs alongside our own was a fantastic opportunity” says Glide’s Digital Strategist, Mat McGuinness. “It’s also a lesson in never taking your eye off the bigger picture, which is a trap that highly niched agencies can often fall into. We have a duty to our clients to provide the most holistic and sustainable strategy for their business, and that means knowing what’s out there. Also it was at an aquarium, and who can say no to penguins?

“However one of the biggest takeaways from our experience was how surprised guests were to see a WA agency in attendance. There’s clearly still such a disconnect between WA and the rest of Australia – and therefore a large opportunity for an agency like ours to make a splash (pun intended).”

Electric car sharing platform, evee, raises $1.6 million in equity crowdfunding, becoming Australia’s third-largest funding round for 2023

At Glide Agency, we were lucky enough to work closely with evee on their recent equity crowdfunding campaign, which has seen them raise an impressive $1.6 million through Birchal.

Old Young’s Distillery breaks records with $2.7 million crowdfunding raise

Old Young’s Distillery, located in Western Australia’s Swan Valley region, has made history by achieving the largest equity crowdfunding raise in Australia for the financial year, hitting their maximum raise target of $2.7 million on Birchal in just 23 hours.

Topping up craft distillers Republic of Fremantle with a $1 million ECF campaign

2022 has continued to be a success for equity crowdfunding raises for breweries and distilleries with the Republic of Fremantle welcoming 450 new shareholders, raising $1,028,000.