Good & Fugly partner up with Glide Agency to help fight food waste

Here in Australia, we love our locally-grown fruit & veg, so it might shock you to find out that every year more than 25% of all Aussie produce ends up in the bin before ever leaving the farm.

But why? Simple – if it isn’t easy on the eye, say goodbye.

Supermarkets reject any produce that doesn’t meet their standards, so if the carrot’s too curly, banana too bendy or orange too obtuse, it’s off the shelf and in the bin.

It was this discovery that inspired Richard Tourino to search for a better solution; and so Good & Fugly was born.

On a mission to fight food waste, Good & Fugly rescue imperfect produce from Australian farms, box it up and deliver it to loving homes at a deliciously reasonable price.

Since launching in 2020 the social enterprise startup has delivered more than 200,000 kilos of fugly produce and expanded operations into Victoria. More recently, they engaged digital media experts Glide Agency and secured $528,000 via a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

Now heading towards 2023, the startup has joined forces once more with Glide Agency to begin scaling operations.

For Glide Agency CEO Es Chandra, the new partnership is reflective of changing attitudes among Australian consumers.

Chandra said: “We’re beginning to see more and more people around the country demanding ethical, environmentally-conscious goods and services, which is beginning to have a significant impact on the marketing landscape as well.

“What Good & Fugly is doing is fantastic. They’re offering a practical solution to a major environmental problem, and we’re seeing amazing levels of support all around the country.”

First published on Campaign Brief:

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