Persona-Level Marketing in the Digital Age

How do we market for small business?

The first thing we do is look at personas. These are the people we really want to get the attention of.

Yes, they’re customers, they can be quite generic. They can be young people, elderly people, or professionals, mums, dads, whatever it is.

We really need to really understand the specific categories of these personas.

Once we understand who these people are, then we can work out the specific channels that they interact in, and what type of content we can use on these channels to attract them.

Persona marketing has been around for a while, but it’s actually more accelerated and amplified because of the digital world. Through digital platforms like Facebook Advertising and Google, we can actually target specific demographics.

We can target people by their interests, or whatever their interests are. Male, female, or what their profession is. What jobs they’re in, or what categories of jobs.

So when we have that level of data and targeting from an advertising level, we really need to be able to make sure we’ve got the personas, and the marketing funnels all defined as a strategy.

If a user is interested in sport, they’re more likely to read content that’s around sport. Our advertising needs to be more customer-centric, and that’s really where the world is moving towards.

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