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How can LinkedIn marketing help my business?

While many business owners dismiss LinkedIn as essentially a hiring platform, it actually offers great opportunities to network, generate leads and build your brand; and because LinkedIn marketing is often overlooked, doing it right can offer a fantastic competitive advantage.

What is a digital-first strategy and why do I need it?

For effective digital marketing, it’s not enough to boost some posts to a general audience and hope for the best; you need to put on your digital marketing strategy hat, or find someone who can put in the hard yards for you.

The Secret Sauce to Building Brand Love

It’s a cold hard fact for business owners, but for the most part, consumers generally aren’t interested in most brands. Sure, people generally have a few brands they love, but for every brand they’re exposed to that they’re interested in, there’s dozens that just fade into background noise.

How to use Instagram to kick business goals

A whopping 9.5 million Australians on Instagram, and about 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. Better still, almost 70% interact with brands regularly, compared to a mere 32% for Facebook.

5 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020

SEO has changed enormously over the last decade (and even in the last year!) but sometimes you’ll still come across websites using techniques that were used back in the day to game the system.

Five Effective Business Strategies We Learned From COVID-19

COVID-19 presents one of the most unique challenges many businesses have, and likely ever will face, causing social upheaval, economic changes, and global uncertainty. It presents everyone with quite a difficult series of hurdles to navigate. First came adapting, particularly to the initial plunge – the panic, closures, sudden drops in business. Next came the pivot, where businesses have to look for opportunities and new ways of generating business in order to keep afloat. Then lastly comes that period of recovery, and the long trek of returning to normality.