French Sweet leveraged Google Ads to generate 13.5x ROAS

Picture this: tomorrow is your daughter’s birthday, but between work and everything else going on you just don’t have time to buy a cake, much less cook one.

Or maybe tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and you’ve left it way too late (or forgotten entirely) and need to organise a gift box of treats for your loved one. 

Or maybe your friend is celebrating a milestone, and you want to surprise them by having some tasty sweets sent to their door. 

There’s no shortage of situations where being able to order a cake or treats online comes in handy, and that’s exactly why French Sweet set themselves up to be Perth’s best online french patisserie. 

French Sweet offers next-day delivery to the Perth metro area for a wide variety of sweets, including cakes, macarons, pastries and more, leveraging an ever-growing market for food and beverage delivery services. 

Like many ecommerce businesses they’ve seen amazing growth in the past two years, but back in 2019 they needed help boosting their brand in the market – and that’s where we come in.

When we first partnered with French Sweet back in early 2019, their goal was to double their overall online sales, capitalising on the fast-growing market for online food & beverage orders.

While there aren’t many direct competitors in this space (online French patisseries), plenty of other businesses offer delivery of cakes and sweets varying in price and quality, so we needed to find a point of differentiation. Luckily that was easy, as French Sweet’s next day delivery and premium products positioned them strongly in this space. To put it simply: when it comes to market fit and competitiveness, French Sweet takes the cake.


Our first step was to build French Sweet’s Google Search campaigns to best capitalise on the growing demand for these services.

We performed keyword research to find any and all relevant search terms that should be included within the campaigns, including (but not limited to) “birthday cakes perth”, “cake delivery perth” and “macaron perth”. 

To ensure the highest click through rate, we focused ad copy around French Sweet’s USP: next day delivery, premium quality and best of all – how delicious their products are. An ad for every keyword maximises relevance, and specific ad copy also ensures the highest quality traffic to the site.


On top of this, we also included a range of ad extensions (such as sitelinks, call extension, and call outs) to increase the information available to show in each ad. These are especially crucial for mobile performance – the bigger an ad is, the less room there is for a competitor’s.

The combination of relevant keywords, strong ad copy and enticing call to actions serve as a strong foundation for launching any campaign – especially ecommerce – as without these, it can take much longer to generate results. With everything in place, we were ready to launch.

The first month was a solid start, generating a positive ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 2.61x ($2.61 of revenue for every $1 spent). However as each month passed and more sales and revenue data was collected (and as the campaigns were refined), Google Ads was able to optimise for best results – generating more relevant traffic, and more sales & revenue within the same budget over time.

Over the two years since launch, we were able to build upon all core performance metrics. We grew Click Through Rates from 3.1% to 10.14% (the industry standard being 4%), monthly sales up by 24%, monthly revenue up by 20.8% and increased overall ROAS from 2.61x to a whopping 13.54x – all with the same monthly ad spend budget.

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Increase in ROAS

French Sweet’s Google Search campaigns saw exponential growth year on year, almost tripling the ROAS after the first year and almost doubling again after the second, leading to a ROAS of 13.54x in a single month.

With our campaigns boosting performance on the site, French Sweet was able to hit their target of doubling their overall site revenue by May 2019, and have since grown to consistently generating over $100k in a given month. 

While Google Search is most often thought of as a lead generation platform, it’s strong ecommerce potential is often overlooked by most businesses. If you have an online store and a product range that has a strong market fit, make sure you leverage Google Search ads – it just might be the missing ingredient in your marketing mix.

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