Simplified the complicated with high quality animations

Keystart Loans has partnered with Glide Agency’s content production team of photographers, videographers and animators to produce a series of animation explainer videos to better communicate their unique services and build professional assets around corporate events and community initiatives.

Glide Agency worked closely with Keystart Loans on building assets for short & long-form animations, scripts, voice over artists, with an application of a professional style-guide.

Coming off the back of a very strong EOI round, it came as no surprise that Beer Cartel flew past their minimum target in just 48 hours, comfortably passing the $500,000 mark before opening properly to the public.

The combination of great PR, ongoing news coverage and a strong opening week meant Beer Cartel showed few signs of slowing down, with investments continuing to roll in several weeks after their initial opening.

After a fortnight they passed by the $1 million mark, before finally closing at a total of $1.45 million, thanks to the combined investment of 1064 new shareholders after a total of 4 weeks.

$ 0 k
Raised in 48 hours

There’s no doubt among any of us that Beer Cartel’s story is one worth learning from.

In today’s cutthroat corporate world of next-generation startups preaching life-changing technology or fabricating hazy promises about eating into Microsoft’s market share, there’s something satisfying about an honest company finding success in doing what they love.

$ 0 m
Raised in 4 weeks

When it comes to cutting through the noise and making a place for yourself in the ever-expanding world of global business, you don’t need to be the next big thing; you simply need the drive to create something people will love.

Now, armed with their newly acquired capital and a rapidly growing household name, Beer Cartel are primed to continue their growth right across Australia.

Happy to have helped yet another Australian business with a successful raise, we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

I would like to thank Glide and all the partners that worked with us through the equity crowdfunding process as well as those individuals that provided feedback and mentorship. We now embark on the next stage with Beer Cartel where not only are our customers, staff and suppliers massively important, but now our shareholders as well. To everyone that has joined, a huge welcome aboard.

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