E-Commerce Marketing

We help E-Commerce retailers establish a direct ROI from their digital advertising spend

How are your online sales?

It’s a simple question, but an important one. 

Maybe you’ve got great products, but have been struggling to find the right customers. Maybe your website looks fantastic, but just isn’t able to close the deal. Or maybe you’ve been advertising and generating sales, but you’re still not making more than you’re spending. 

Whatever the case is, we’ve seen it before – and we’re here to help.

Case Study
Camera Electronic generated $58.5k in revenue in 24 hours

Find your customers

With more people than ever choosing to order online, there’s so many opportunities for you to find your ideal customers within the digital space.

Whether you sell clothes, books, food and beverages, electronics, tools, or any other type of product, someone is online right now searching for them, and ready to buy.

With Google Search & Shopping Ads, you can place your brand and products front and centre exactly when someone is looking, sending them straight to your site to make a purchase then and there. And with Facebook & Instagram Ads, you can leverage your product photography to catch people’s attention and get them to your online store, generating sales by directly reaching your ideal target audience.

Of course, no ad is created equal – we’ll craft compelling ad copy around what makes your product or brand amazing, whether that’s high quality, great price, ease of use, great design, free shipping or all of the above!

Better yet, digital advertising gives us the tools we need to ensure that the money you’re investing in advertising is generating a strong Return On Ad Spend – that is, for every $1 that you spend, you’re making more in revenue. You’re focused on sales, not clicks – and so are we.

Case Study
French Sweet leveraged Google Ads to generate 13.5x ROAS

It's about the journey

We understand that the right digital ads are hugely important, but it’s only part of the customer journey.

If your website isn’t set up correctly, you could be missing out on a significant number of sales every day – and that’s not good for business. If your site is hard to navigate, lacks good photography, is slow to use or even has a lengthy check out process, these are all issues that need to be addressed as a priority. 

Our website team can provide a comprehensive audit of your website to identify key issues that are negatively impacting your customer journey, and even provide a quote to action this work for you.

If you've been struggling with your online sales, let's chat.

  • Data Driven

    Glide follows a data driven approach when making decisions in strategy and planning. A data driven culture calls for an agnostic approach, and to be flexible in order to achieve better outcomes.

  • Build for Speed

    Glide removes the complex layers that exist within the traditional agency model with a seamless output that strives for speed and agility.

  • Innovative

    Glide is always looking for ways to provide better solutions, engineering new strategies that are cutting edge and produce the most desirable results.

Let's work together!

E-Commerce Case Studies

Glide has worked with a variety of E-Commerce clients across many industries. 

French Sweet leveraged Google Ads to generate 13.5x ROAS
Vornado’s seasonal campaigns generated over $160k in revenue
Camera Electronic generated $58.5k in revenue in 24 hours
Perth Zoo generated a 43x ROAS

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